An avid enthusiast of herbs, plants and aromatherapy since her lifestyle in California during the 1970s, Erine Leigh, formerly Kate Leigh, has studied organic essential oils with Monika Haas and Kurt Schnaubelt, of Original Swiss Aromatics in San Rafael, California. Her knowledge of the importance of ethical and sustainable sourcing of essentials oils comes at a pivotal time in the ever expanding realm of plant use and education. 

Erine combines her skills in aromatics with her career as a massage therapist since 1982. She spent three years as a member of the NH Licensing advisory board, and as a tester of new practitioners, overseeing their practical exams. She was one of five original members of the AMTA when the NH state chapter of the AMTA was initiated, and served in virtually every board position for that organization. In her current phase, she is operating at Crescent Aromatics, serving the community's aromatic needs. Additionally, Erine hosts private workshops and events where bodywork, astrology readings, general aromatherapy educational and custom blending are offered.

In the many years since, Erine has served the seacoast community as a massage therapist, and an aromatherapist. Her studies with Original Swiss Aromatics and Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, as represented by Monika Haas and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, have lead her to open CreScent Aromatics, currently serving our community with true aromatherapy education, consultation and self-care.


Erine offers flexible onsite office hours.

Services can be scheduled onsite or by calling 603.501.8813.



Foot bath and rub with salts and oils

Individual aromatic consultations

Seated massage infused with aromatic vapors

Custom product blending

Private Events



10 ml. organic lavender

10 ml. organic eucalyptus

10 ml. organic harmonium

TruthPaste: Advanced Botanical Toothpaste

Copper Tongue Scraper